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Skill Scrolls Guide

7-167 : Purchasable @ NPC 
47-167 : Achievable @ Quest System
177-237 : Huntable from Root hole and other Higher Level Maps

Eli Apr.03,2015

Old Limitbreak Gamer's Donation Compensation System

Greetings Limitbreak Gamers!

So here's the thing. As we've said on our previous announcements, if you donated on our server during our old game play system, your donation will be compensated. Here's the complete context about the compensation:

The amount of your total donation will be compensated as Virtual PHP Currency (V₱). This means, you got your money back, virtually. It's up to you on how will you spend it : Buy E-Points, Buy Premium Service but this currency is not convertable to cash, in short, it's not refundable physically. You can only re-spend this on our server.



Eli Apr.03,2015

Old Limitbreak Gamer's Donation Compensation Notice:

1. Your hunted Armor (Coat,Pants,Gloves,Shoes) & Weapon
2. Complete access and authority on your old account (Old Account Checker)
1. Succeed the verification of Old Account Checker
2. PM the Agent on Claiming Schedule ( Apr 3 - Jun 30 )
3. Once the final checking of ownership has been fulfilled, you will receive the compensation within 48 Hours after the PM at the Agent
Agent's YM:
[email protected]/ [email protected]
Join our Facebook group for realtime information.

Eli Apr.02,2015


March 19 Open Beta Testing Started
March 31 Open Beta Testing Ended
April 1

4:30PM Website Reopened
9:00 PM Official Launch

April 3 Start of Claiming Donation Compensation
June 30 Deadline of Claiming Donation Compensation

PS: Para sa mga hindi pa kasali sa group, make sure na sumali para sa mas detalyado pang impormasyon. Sa oras na makasali kayo sa group, paki-basa po ang lahat ng aking post.


Best regards,
Eli - Limitbreak Admin

Eli Apr.01,2015

100% Donation Compensation

Greetings Limitbreak Gamers!

As we notified all of our gamers that we will change our game play, we also notified you guys that we will be resetting our database back to 0 in order to give way to our new adventure. :) 

Having that said, this never means that all of your money spent to our server will be gone to waste. That's not the thing here. In fact, you will be given a compensation for your donation 100%. That means if you donated to our server with a certain amount for example, P1,000, that means you will get a compensation points worth P1,000. That depends on how much you spent. It's just we need to authenticate/verify first that you are the legitimate owner of the account by the use of "Old Account Checker".

For more information and real time updates, join our new facebook group by clicking here

Best regards,

Eli & bLazer

eli Mar.21,2015

Old Account Checker

Server Status

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Regeneration Server 2.0
Magician Class
Starting Level: 150
Max Level: 240/250
3:31 PM PST